Ann Scripko    Owner and Head Trainer .
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Carol Sheilds

I have been involved with Belgian Malinois since 1998, acquiring my first dog, UCD
Tresbecc Veagas Lights CD, NAP, NJP as an obedience prospect. During the first 3
years of owning Veagas, my husband and I were given a finished champion bitch named
Ch Tresbecc Mo’ Than Enough. That is when I was first introduced to the world of
Conformation Showing. Belle was a wonderful teacher and in 2001 I campaigned her to
the number 2 Malinois Bitch in the country, getting her  to the first Eukanuba Invitational.

As time moved forward I began to show on a more frequent basis and to date have
finished to their Championship 6 of dogs we either own or bred. Shown only by me, my
first home-bred, Ch. Tresbecc Phantom Image CD, RA, ATTs HSAs,HTD1, began his
show career at the age of 6 months and was an undefeated champion one month later.

Our dogs compete under the kennel name of “CF Phantom” not only in Conformation, but
also have successful achievements in Herding, Obedience and Agility.

I have taught show handling for approximately 10 years and have had the honor to judge
“All Breed Matches” for the Monmouth County Kennel Club, Twin Brooks Kennel Club
and the Empire Alaskan Malamute Club. In 2009 I will be judging the Sweepstake entry
for the Berkshire Belgian Tervuren Specialty.

My students have been successful showing and handling their own dogs and most
recently one has garnered the most sort after title, that of “Best in Show”

Our current K9 household consists of 8 Malinois:

UCD Tresbecc Veagas Lights CD, RN, NAP, NJP
Ch Tresbecc Phantom Image CD, RA, HSAs, ATT, HTD1
UKC & AKC CH UCD Clyde du Hameu St.-Blaise CD, RA PT, ATT
Ch Tresbecc Woop Dare It Is HSAs
Ch Tresbecc Phantom Journey
Phantom’s Mrs. Peel PT, JHD
Phantom’s Foreign Intrigue
Phantom’s Doc Dangerous

One GSP: Stelor’s Chairman of the Board
One rescue beagle- Be

Renee Shriver

During Renee’s childhood she spent a lot of time around dog training and dog shows with
her family so it is no wonder that as an adult when reintroduced to dog training she fell in
love with it. Renee trains her dogs in obedience, rally, agility, pet therapy, canine musical
freestyle, herding, lure coursing, Nose Work and tricks.

When she started training her first canine partner to dance it soon became obvious that
dancing with two left feet is possible.

Renee has three dogs currently certified with Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dogs. In the
past 11 years
she and her dogs have spent well over 1,000 hours making visits to schools, Girl Scout
troops, libraries, hospitals, nursing homes, teaching dog etiquette to children, giving
demonstrations and more. She teaches her dog’s tricks and canine musical freestyle to
enhance their therapy visits.

Renee has also worked with rescue groups and has done fostering to help dogs along
the road to recovery in order for them to learn to be good family members so that they
could go on to their forever homes. Currently she is associated with Collie Rescue of
Northern NJ.

Currently she teaches pet obedience, agility, canine freestyle, rally and tricks classes.  
Renee gives private lessons and on a limited basis does in home training.  Renée has
helped teach hundreds of dogs to perform the job of pet therapist. Renee is an evaluator
for AKC’s Canine Good Citizen & Star Puppy programs and is a member of APDT.  

Renee’s Canine Partners:

MACH Oscar --4 year old Shetland Sheepdog   {Boo Boo’s Second Chance CGC, RN,
AXJ, AX, OF, TBAD, TG2, L1, CRO-1(2), W-FD/MF}

Shadow -- 10 year old Rough Collie  {CRO-1}
In training for Freestyle

Destinee --8 year old Rough Collie (rescue)  {Destinee’s Revenge CGC, L2, CD-H, NAP,
Renee and Destinee received the St. Hubert’s Companion Dog Sports Program - 2008
National Ranking Award for being the #3 Team in the Novice A Class.

Misty –10 year old Smooth Collie (rescue)  {Mystic Splendor CGC, RN, L1, CD-H UCD,

Angel -- Rough Collie 1997-2008 CGC
Angel and Renee took their first obedience class just for fun.  She was a star pupil in
obedience classes but it was while doing Pet Therapy that Angel truly shined. She loved
to make visits to schools and nursing homes.  

Rachel Stintzcum

Rachel Stintzcum has had dogs all of her life, jokingly calling them ‘pre-owned dogs’ as
most had previously lived with other people before they came to her. She has spent a
lifetime studying them. Often, a pre-owned dog comes with special needs and Rachel was
willing to work with these dogs to help them succeed in a family environment.

Rachel attended St. Francis University, majoring in psychology while also taking many
courses regarding animal behavior and how the minds of animals work. As her work/study
program, she had the unique opportunity to work with rats and pigeons using positive
reinforcement, and doing behavioral and data analysis. Her education in psychology
gives her insight into the dynamics between dogs and their handlers.

Though Rachel has a love for all animals, dog training holds the greatest fascination for
her. In 2008, she became an apprentice trainer and has continued to broaden her
education and hands on skills. Presently, she is a trainer at Clever K9, teaching Puppy
Kindergarten, Beginner Obedience and  Canine Good Citizen/Therapy Dog classes.  She
is also certified to test for the Puppy Star and CGC qualifications.  Rachel also co-
teaches Canine Musical Freestyle classes to an ever increasing number of students.
Rachel  co-founded Prancing Paws Freestyle Club of NJ and choreographs the club’s
group routines as well as many of the individual team routines.

Rachel shares her home with three dogs:

Holly is a Border Collie rescue that was feral when she arrived. First thought to be a
victim of abuse, it became obvious that Holly had just never been handled by humans. At
age 10, she is a lively, sweet girl who loves to play ball with anyone walking by and will
shove her tennis ball under the fence as an invitation to play. She acquires many willing
playmates this way!

Samwise, a 4 year old Golden Retriever, is the family clown and is much loved by
everyone who meets him. He pretends to be nothing but a big happy guy, but has been
known to pretend to play with a toy to get the other dogs to come and get it so that he
gets all of the human attention and affection. He has his CGC.

Frazier is an Australian Shepherd and is Rachel’s working dog, running partner and
companion. He has not only titled in Canine Musical Freestyle but has recently started
trialing in agility and is taking nose work classes.  Frazier has also tried his paw at sheep
herding and has his CGC.

Rachel Stintzcum has spent all of her life as an instructor, teaching all levels of students
from kindergarten to college level and beyond. Branching out into dog training has been
a dream come true for Rachel as it combines her love of teaching and her love of working
with animals

Clever K9 Instructors
Congratulations To
Renee Shriver and
her Sheltie MACH
Oscar!  They finished
their MACH on
5/25/13 at TBAC!