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At Clever K9 Dog Training,   you  will build a Great
Working relationship with your dog for any discipline you
desire to do with your dog.

Please note we have moved.  Our Building is 2500 Square
feet.  Agiliflex Flooring with heat/AC , indoor bathroom
and Plenty of Parking and crating.

Clever K9 methods use Toys, food,  games and You to
motivate and train your dog.  The Focus is on teaching the
dog to pay attention to you and for both of you to  have
fun in training while achieving your highest level goals .

Here is what some of our Students have to say:

Just over a two years ago I found CK9 and decided to take
agility classes/privates with Ann so that my little mischief-
making Norwegian Elkhound Anna would have something to
do other than bother her brother Parker! This was the start
of a journey I could never have anticipated! Exactly 6.5
months to the date of Anna's very first trial, we earned our
AX and AXJ in a QQ! Now we’ve been trialing for just over
10 months and are a couple of legs away from our MX and
MXJ and we’ve earned an amazing 178 MACH points
already!!! Ann has been THE most supportive and
encouraging trainer I could have asked for! As an elkhound,
Anna is independent (translation stubborn) and there were
many obstacles to overcome in our early training. There
were sniff parties, there were many zoomies, and then there
were times when Anna would literally just yell at me for
asking her to do things multiple times that she didn't feel like
doing! Anna is my very first agility dog and I just can't
believe how quickly the skills Ann has taught us have been
rewarded at trials! So, I raise my imaginary Mike's Hard
Lemonade to an amazingly supportive, caring, yet tough
trainer . . . I thank Ann for preparing us & more importantly,
for believing that we could do it!!!"

Lisa Anne Zilney & Anna
February 2012

Update February 2013  Lisa and Anna are now MACH
ADCH Anna!!

May 2013 MACH 2 Anna!

February 2014 MACH 3 Anna!

"I have worked with other trainers with my dogs in
obedience, competitive obedience and agility and I have
not learned half as much as I have learned training with
Ann over the last two years.  She has taught me not only
how to effectively communicate and work with my dogs,
she has taught me how to have fun with them while doing
it.  Not only are my dogs well trained, they enjoy being
that way and my relationship with them is better."

Laura Ewart
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   Ann Scripko                         Mikey Borga             Renee Shriver            Rene Mac Bean
Wolf & Ruby                                Kasha                           Oscar                           Rio
Congratulations to All of the Clever K9 Staff and students who
Qualified for  the 2014  AKC Agility Nationals  held in Harrisburg PA in

We are so Proud of you for achieving this Elite Privilege !
Ann Scripko and Swedish Valhund, Wolf
Ann Scripko and Border Collie Ruby
Renee Shriver and Sheltie, Oscar
Lisa Zilney and Norwegian Elkhound, Anna
Nancy Borga and Standard Poodle , Kasha
Renee Macbean and Pyr-Shep , Rio

and Congrats to our staff and students Showing at the Rally Nationals
at the Same location!
Rhona Magni and Mickey
Wendy Kinnear and Annie