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MACH Ruby &
Ann Scripko
June 23rd 2014
5 F Executive Drive, Toms River New Jersey 08755  732-363-1001
Ann is always patient and kind. She does take great pleasure in
watching her students succeed.    Thank You Ann for all the years of
training & encouragement to succeed with my dogs.   Cathy Miller

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ann Scripko for her wonderful teaching skills
In the past 2 months my son Mike has had the opportunity to compete at 3 high pressure agility
events. Junior Nationals,Invitational's, and Westminster. At 17 years old he performed with
confidence and a well thought out plan. Not one of these venues presented a challenge that he was
not prepared for.
Leading up to these events, Ann prepared Mike and other competitors who were attending. She
taught them the specific skills needed to perform and WIN. Most recently she prepared the
competitors heading for Westminster. She made it her business to make sure our dogs were
prepared for the environment, and she made sure we knew what to expect.
Ann has trained Mike and I exclusively from the very beginning. She is always patient and
kind. Ann takes great pleasure in watching her students succeed. She has a gift for training
dogs, that is true, but her true gift is teaching people.

Thanks to you, Ann, the Borga family has been on one wonderful ride.

Nancy, Mike, Mikey, Kasha, Mitsy, Kairos and Nova
Ann and Ty Win Team Snooker at the
2015 Cynosports World Games
in Murfreesboro Tennessee !!

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The Scripko Dogs